The Conscious Investor® Fund
      Investing in Companies that Increase Earnings Year After Year

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Why Choose the Conscious Investor Fund?

The Conscious Investor Fund is a wholesale fund offering a fresh approach to long-term returns. We only select investments if we consider there are great reasons to invest and that they are likely to provide returns we consider attractive.

Quality We focus on quality companies likely to provide attractive returns. The
emphasis is on listed companies but we also may invest in unlisted
Wealth We aim to generate consistent long term wealth creation, through capital growth and payment of income.
Technology Conscious Investor®: we use a proven 4th generation software technology which identifies great companies and the price which should be paid to secure an attractive return with a margin of safety.
Scrutiny Teaminvest investment methodology: we diligently analyse the competiveness and risks of businesses along with their management.
Experience Our investment committee is respected and experienced.
Value We charge fixed dollar fees meaning large savings as you invest more in the Fund.
Straighforward The Fund is liquid, reasoned, principled and long term. The Fund does not use gearing or derivatives for investment purposes.
Transparent We believe you should know as much about your investment as we do. We hold investor update briefings to inform you of the progress of your investment, answer your questions and get your feedback.