The Conscious Investor® Fund
      Investing in Companies that Increase Earnings Year After Year

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What We Invest In

The Conscious Investor® Fund is a wholesale fund investing in quality companies likely to give attractive but safe returns over the long-term. The companies may be Australian or overseas listed securities. It may also invest in unlisted securities. One of the Fund’s distinctions is that it is both conservative and innovative.

Quality companies

The Fund primarily invests in quality Australian as well as overseas listed securities. Most of these
would be publicly listed companies but the Fund may invest in listed trusts.

Carefully selected unlisted investments may be considered and acquired from time to time but they
are not expected to represent more than 20% of the Fund’s value.

Cash holdings would usually be minimal. The intention is to be fully invested apart from a limited amount for settlement or withdrawals. However, there may be times when there are insufficient quality investments at suitable prices. When this happens we may have a larger cash position while waiting for investment opportunities that meet the stringent checklist of the Fund.

Securities in unlisted companies may be acquired where they are expected to be listed in the foreseeable future.

Patient investing

Our goal is consistent long term wealth creation, through capital growth and payment of income over a five-year time horizon.

We are not active traders and usually will generally hold stocks for the longer term.


We seek investments with less volatile business behaviour. So the Fund has a focus on investments with a proven track record of stable business growth which show good prospects for this continuing.

Price volatility, something altogether different from a stable business and generally a function of market factors, will always be present. However, we see this form of volatility as bringing attractive purchase opportunities by allowing desirable companies to be bought at particularly low prices.