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What is Conscious Investing?

Conscious investing is a unique way of bringing proven and advanced investment technology together with a verified investment process to find quality stable investments that are likely to provide attractive returns.

Strict analysis + wisdom

Put simply, the way the Fund invests is special, involving two intertwined steps:

Quantitative analysis: We crunch the numbers like no-one else. Conscious Investor®
Qualitative analysis: We apply a verified investment approach. Teaminvest investment methodology

Conscious Investor and the Teaminvest investment methodology work together to give a fresh approach to long-term returns through investing in quality companies.

Conscious investor

A focus on investments with a proven a track record of stable business growth which show good prospects for this continuing.

Every investment decision we make for the Fund starts with a unique stringent stock selection process using Conscious Investor. This is the first key step in identifying investments with a proven track record of stable business growth which show good prospects for this continuing.

Conscious Investor is designed to identify great companies that are likely to provide attractive returns. A proven 4th generation software technology, Conscious Investor provides analytical filtering procedures and cutting edge tools to identify leading investments, while calculating what price to pay for them and when to sell, with an automated margin of safety.

Its developer, Dr John Price, is a member of our Investment Committee.

We use Conscious Investor to subject stocks to a carefully graduated checklist of over 100 criteria. These criteria use up ten years of fundamental data and company reports with many involving large scale number crunching.

Video: Some of the Features of Conscious Investor

The checklist reflects investment criteria based upon the principles of Warren Buffett such as management’s performance, growth and stability of the business, capital structure and debt levels. If an investment does not pass a particular level of the checklist, it does not pass to the next level

Teaminvest investment methodology

Seeking out quality stable businesses by identifying and weighing their risks, assessing the strength of their competitive advantages, and determining if the board and senior management act honestly and responsibly.

For the next step we use the Teaminvest investment methodology, a powerful approach to investing that analyses the commercial features of each business along with its board and senior management.

Its founder, Mr Howard Coleman, is a member of our Investment Committee.

The Teaminvest investment methodology provides critical benchmarks to understand how and why a business makes its money and to identify risks that could endanger future revenue and profit. Risks are scored in terms of the likelihood of their occurrence in the next economic cycle and the damage they would impose if they did.

With this information the Investment Committee determines a rate of return that would be required before investing in the company. This is fed back into Conscious Investor to calculate the maximum price to pay to achieve this return with a margin of safety. Only if shares can be bought at this price or lower will the company be considered for investment.

In the end we want to find companies in industries with tail winds that are likely to be Wealth Winner® and not Capital Killers™.

Our investment committee

Seasoned professionals

Our investment committee comprises investment professionals with experience, professionalism, business knowledge and analytical skills. Ultimately responsible for portfolio construction and monitoring, they meet regularly applying the Teaminvest investment methodology to the results produced by Conscious Investor in order to manage the Fund consistently in terms of its investment objectives.