The Conscious Investor® Fund
      Investing in Companies that Increase Earnings Year After Year

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The Fund Implements
Warren Buffett's Investment Principles
such as ...

"In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats."

"Your goal as an investor should simply be to purchase, at a rational price, a part interest in an easily-understandable business whose earnings are virtually certain to be materially higher five, ten and twenty years from now.
Put together a portfolio of companies whose aggregate earnings march upward over the years, and so also will the portfolio's market value.
Though it's seldom recognized, this is the exact approach that has produced gains for Berkshire shareholders."

— Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

Snapshot The Conscious Investor® Fund is a wholesale fund investing in quality Australian and overseas listed companies. It also invests in private companies. The key differentiating factor of the Fund is that its approach is both conservative and fresh.
Style A long-term disciplined approach to investing based on a proven investment technology and a verified investment methodology.
Objective Consistent careful long-term wealth creation, through capital growth and income.
Neither capital nor performance is guaranteed.
Resources The Conscious Investor® software and the Teaminvest investment methodology form the quantitative and qualitative spine of our investment framework.
Investments The Fund’s mandate is primarily investing in ASX-listed securities. Cash holdings would generally be minimal.
  • Conscious Investor software rigorously scans the entire share market to filter quality companies with a proven track record of stable business growth which show good prospects for this continuing.
  • Teaminvest methodology classifies and weighs the risks of potential investments, and assesses their ongoing economic strengths.
  • Systematic methods evaluate whether or not the board and senior management are acting honestly, rationally and in the best interests of shareholders.
  • Proprietary valuation methods calculate the price to pay, with a margin of safety, to secure an attractive return based on a full evaluation of the company.
  • Fixed dollar fees mean that as your investment balance increases, your fees as a percentage of your total investment declines: there are also no management fees based on funds under management.
  • A success fee for performance above an absolute return hurdle: our business is aligned with your success.
Who can invest? Individuals and super funds, companies and family offices, partnerships and not-for-profits.
We accept all investor types.
Time frame Investing is a patient endeavour, and a time frame of five or more years is recommended.
Risk Although the Fund invests for the long-term, listed and unlisted investments are generally considered volatile and so carry a relatively high risk profile compared to other asset classes, especially in the short-term.
Joining fee No joining fee.
Monthly subscription Maximum monthly subscription fee of $450 independent of investment size. No fee for funds under management FUM.
Success fee Success fee paid when return is above an absolute hurdle.