The Conscious Investor® Fund provides long-term value by investing in outstanding companies. Primarily in ASX and Internationally listed securities, it also invests in carefully chosen unlisted companies.

Increasing Earnings

The Fund focuses on outstanding Australian and international companies that will continue to increase their profits and earnings year after year. The chart shows how much the average earnings per share have grown over the years, a general indicator of future growth of capital gains and dividends. The next chart shows the overall growth of a $1.0m portfolio in actual dollars. The growth rates of the two charts are similar.

Growth of True Dollar Value

The chart is based on the growth of the true dollar value of an actual investment in the Fund since April 2014 after any success fees and assuming distributions are reinvested. Over this time, an investment of $1.0m grew to $1,573,708.89. This a total growth of 57.37%, an average of 12.79% per year. In contrast, an investment in the S&P/ASX 200 accumulation index would have grown to $1,296,179.46, an average of 7.13% per year. (For the unit prices since inception, click [ here ].)

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Membership Focus, No FUM Fees
Membership Focus
Fixed Monthly Subscription
Simple Fee Structure
Transparent Success Fee
Perceptive Company Reports
Powerful Number-Crunching Filters
Proven Filters
Stable Growth
High Return on Equity
Warren Buffett Focus
Verified Research
Companies with Increasing Profitability
Established Products and Services
Strong Economic Moats
Measured Future Risks
Shareholder-Focused Remuneration
Clear Future with Owner’s Outlook
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