The Conscious Investor® Fund

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Based on an Actual Fund Portfolio (After All Fees)
Compared to the ASX 200 Accumulation Index

The Conscious
Investor Fund

ASX 200 Accum.


*Performance based on an actual investment in the Fund made on 22 May 2014


Why the Conscious Investor Fund is NOT
your typical managed fund

Our focus is to invest in quality companies with proven business track records
  • Not just another "market tracking" fund

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Information Memorandum
Cutting edge software Conscious Investor scans every company on the ASX
  • Not just "hit or miss" when making investment choices
We assess the business, management and board of each potential company
  • Not just "by the numbers"
We examine remuneration levels and incentive plans to ensure management are acting in the best interests of shareholders
  • Avoid companies and management that are self-serving
Computer-generated stress tests filter the companies before they are selected
  • Not just conjectures about the "reasonableness" of a selection
Selections based on confidence in future total shareholder return
  • Not just market speculation or vague notions of "value"
Our investment committee is respected and experienced, yet very approachable
  • Not a group of "faceless men"
Fixed monthly subscription
  • Not just the usual "Assets Under Management" fee
  • Monthly subscription as a percentage of your total investment declines as your balance rises
Absolute performance hurdles
  • Success fee is only payable once an absolute return hurdle is met (6% per annum)
  • We only make money when you make money
Performance with Safety
  • Pro forma 12 year performance: average 20.2% per year
Sector Analysis
Sector Analysis

In the news...
New fund set to rattle its competitors

A new fund offering a fresh investment philosophy and unique fee structure looks set to shake up the Australian financial services market.

And it’s not just sales talk. The Conscious Investor Fund’s pro-forma portfolio results speak for themselves: 20.2% compound annual growth rate since inception in 2001 ... [ more ]

Conscious Capital launches Aussie equities fund

Conscious Capital has launched the Conscious Investor Fund, a highly concentrated portfolio aimed at wholesale investors.

"Many funds aim to beat the market, yet they are seldom able do so. This is because their mandates force them to invest in only the biggest companies, not necessarily the best."

"The alternative fee structure has also been well received by investors. We also have a very simple performance fee - you keep the first 6% and 80% of everything above that; unlike other funds, our investors' profits are aligned with our own," he added ... [ more ]